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Here to provide you the latest information of the green packing material industry.Welcome to Snda Machinery Co., Ltd.


The main machines are honeycomb paper making machine,paper honeycomb machine,masking paper making machine,shield paper rewinding machine,protective paper making machine,high speed paper sheeting machine.

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The Kraft Paper is 100% fully biodegradable
Multiple Patents
It has obtained many
domestic and foreign
technical patents.
We have got the
CE certification from
Europe CE lab agency.

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Wenzhou Snda Machinery Co., Ltd, over 20 Years-China honeycomb paper making machine, honeycomb paper die cutting machine,honeycomb paper forming machine,Paper honeycomb machine,honeycomb paper machine,fanfold kraft paper perforating and folding machine manufacturer and solution supplier.

We are located in ruian city which is the packing machinery capital of China.We are a professional packing paper,wrapping paper machinery manufacturer.Products include the honeycomb paper forming machine,Kraft Honeycomb paper cutting machine,Kraft Honeycomb paper making machine,Kraft Honeycomb paper die cutting machine,honeycomb paper cushion making machine,honeycomb paper cushion die cutting machine,honeycomb paper cushion forming machine,honeycomb paper cushion machine,honeycomb paper machine,paper honeycomb machine.