Kraft Masking Paper Making machine

Kraft Masking Paper Making machine

Kraft Masking Paper Making machine

used for protecting places that no need painting or protection.

Suitable material:Kraft paper,Brown paper,PE film

Description Model SD-ZB260
Max. width of mother roll 450mm
Max.diameter of mother roll 1000mm
Max. width of final roll 240mm
Max.diameter of finished roll 100mm
Paper Core diameter(Rewind and unwind) 1inch and 3inch
Tape width and core diameter 16mm/3 inch
Cutting Speed 100m/min
Total power 2.5kw
Gross weight 800kg
Overall dimensions 2000x1800x1400mm

Simple in Design, Productive and Flexible

This automatic kraft masking paper making machine/pre-taped masking paper rewinding machine is our newest design machine after some customer require to use kraft masking paper to replace plastic film.This shield paper,protective paper in roll rewinding machine is suitable for making kraft shield paper, pre-taped masking paper which is widely used for protecting places that no need painting or cover.It is widely used in large machinery, ships,painting protection field.

This machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and full integrated circuit control. Complete functions, good repeatability and stable speed. Work reliably. No misoperation.Finished roll automatically changed.The tension of rewinding and unwinding is automatically controlled. Two-stage electronic length counting, accurate length calculation.

Finished products feature:

  • Waterproof Kraft Masking Paper:100% waterproof.This masking paper is required in all situations where resistance and impermeability are required without forgetting a great flexibility of use.
  • ROLL DESIGN: this masking material adopts the roll design, which can easily and quickly unfold the paper/film and cover all kinds of small appliances. And you can cut different lengths for different items.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: it is perfect for dustproof cover for cover that can protect household appliances and furniture from dust and pigment when decorating or painting a house. It can also be used as automobile paint paper/film and picnic mat.