Kraft Paper Shredding machine

Kraft Paper Shredding machine

Kraft Paper Shredding machine

E-commerce packing as paper cushion,paper stripe,packaging filling.

Suitable material: Kraft paper,Brown paper

Color shredded paper specifications:  3MM (Width) x25CM (Length)
Color:  many(depend on the feeding paper roll)
Paper sheet feeding:  By manul or automatic both ok
Max paper sheet width:  500mm
Speed:  100kg/hour
Machine size: 800mmx800mmx1000mm
Power: 2.2kw

Simple in Design, Productive and Flexible

The product made by our Kraft Paper Shredding machine,or we called paper thread machine,these finished paper can be used for wine packaging filling, electronic product filling, ceramic and glass products and various fragile items packaging filling, craft gift materials, with a wide range of uses.

The Kraft Paper Shredding machine is stable and reliable, and the production rate is high.

It is an ideal equipment for all kinds of enterprises processing.

The colored shredded paper thread produced by our Kraft Paper Shredding machine is a new type of environmentally-friendly decorative shock-proof material that we have newly developed in recent years.

It is widely used as filling paper for gift boxes, glass bottles, and wedding candy boxes to prevent shocks and beautify gifts.

The texture is very light, the fluffy is very good, the roots are distinct and three-dimensional, and it can be installed in any size box.

The effect is more beautiful when matched with our special illusion silk!

Shredded paper is a kind of under fill that is placed in the candy box, and then candies are placed, which is a bit embellished with the effect of candies.

It is a very popular method of candy packaging at present.