Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine

Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine

Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine


Paper bag,paper handle bag,paper shopping bag,KFC paper bag,take away paper bag

Suitable material:Kraft paper,brown paper

Model SA350 SA450
Cutting Length 270-530mm 270-530mm
Paper Bag Width 120-350mm 210-450mm
Bottom width 60-180mm 90-180mm
Paper bag thickness 60-150g/㎡ 80-150g/㎡
Mechanical speed 30-220pcs/min 30-220pcs/min
Paper bag speed 30-180pcs/min 30-150pcs/min
Paper roll width 380-1050mm 660-1290mm
Paper diameter 1300mm 1300mm
Id of paper core 76mm 76mm
Total power 380V 3phase 4line 15kw 380V 3phase 4line 15kw
Total Weight 8500kg 9000kg
Overall size 10000*3700*2200mm 10000*3800*2200mm

Simple in Design, Productive and Flexible

Performance and use

This Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine is used for roll primary color paper or printed roll paper such as kraft paper. Paper rolls such as food paper are completed by this machine at one time. Automatic center gluing, raw material into tube, cut to length, bottom indentation, bottom folding. Glue on the bottom and form the bottom of the bag. Finished bag etc.all is completed at one automatic process. This take away paper bag making machine is more convenient to operate, more efficient and more stable. It is an environmentally friendly paper bag machine equipment that produces various paper bags, snack food bags, bread bags, dried fruit bags, etc.It also can be made as full automatic paper handle bag making machine, if we add the paper handle making machine inline.

Main feature

  • Using touch screen man-machine interface,the operation function is clear, easy to control
  • Adopt the Japan original Mitsubishi controller,operation stability
  • Japan Mitsubishi servo motor with German Sick photocell correction,accurate tracking.
  • The raw material loading and unloading adopts hydraulic dynamic lifting structure, and the unwinding adopts automatic constant tension control.
  • The raw material correction adopts servo motor to reduce the adjustment time of paper roll alignment.