Kraft Cardboard Shredder

Kraft Cardboard Shredder

Kraft Cardboard Shredder


E-commerce packing as paper cushion,paper cardboard sheet

Suitable material: Paper cardboard,Corrugated board

Model 325 425
Max feeding width 325mm 425mm
Shredding size 5×60mm 5×60mm
Cardboard thickness 2-5 layers (corrugated) 2-7 layers (corrugated)
Power 220V 50Hz 380v 50 hz
Motor power 1.3KW 2.2kw
Speed 12m/min 12m/min
Weight 88Kg 165Kg
Dimension 500*355*800 480*700*1030
After wooden box packing 670*490*1030 mm 630*830*1260mm

Simple in Design, Productive and Flexible

The HSM Profipack type cardboard shredder is a cardboard perforator that recycles your unwanted cartons into a useful packaging material for your dispatch and warehouse needs.

This model 325 and 425 card shredding machine is instantly convert the bulky used cardboard cartons that are delivered to you and are surplus to your needs into a versatile free packaging material to protect your goods in transport.