Honeycomb Paper Machine

Honeycomb Paper Machine

Honeycomb Paper Machine

Used as wrapping cushion by E-commerce wrapping on packing fruits, flowers, ceramics, glassware, etc.
Suitable material: Kraft paper, brown paper, 70-100gsm

Machine model SD-AFW600
Max material width 508mm (508mm/20inch and 380mm/15inch width most)
Machine working speed 0-80m/min adjustable
Unwinding diameter 0-1200mm
Rewinding diameter 0-300mm
Unwinding stand weight 1 Ton
Unwinding shaft 3”inflatable air shaft
Rewinding shaft(steel bar) 1”/1.5”/2”/3”
Machine size 3200*1640*1800mm(LWH)
Machine weight 1500KG
Power supply 380V 3 Phase

Simple in Design, Productive and Flexible

Honeycomb paper is eco-friendly and cost effective alternative for plastic bubble wrap cushioning.

It is easy to stretch,more soft and flexible,provide cushion protect without surface scratch.

Finished products from this machine can be used to pack fruits, flowers, ceramics, glassware, etc.

Machine features

  • This machine is suitable for die cutting honeycomb paper,wrapping paper, shock-absorbing paper, kraft paper,fish net paper from 70g to 100g.
  • The unwinding,cutting and rewinding in one process.
  • Main motor equipped with Inverter for speed regulation.
  • Automatic ultrasonic web guide controller for unwinding.
  • Tension controlled by magnetic powder brake and clutch.
  • Automatic meter counting device,automatically stop after it reaches the length you set.
  • Pneumatic cylinder to control the cutting mould up and down.
  • Roll to sheet cutting is optional.(can match our paper wrapper)

Technical parameters(this is full automatic model,finished roll changed automatically inline)

3D honeycomb paper (made by our newest full automatic Honeycomb wrapping paper die cutting machine with automatic finished roll changing inline) is a combination of brown patented cut kraft paper and white laminated paper, creating a unique protective honeycomb structure.

This combination is done in the special blade module of our Honeycomb packing paper forming machine,allows it to be easily wrapped in a variety of items, including cosmetics, medicines, ceramics, household goods to light bulbs.

Flexible packaging without using tape to fix
When using 3D honeycomb paper packaging, the materials are manufactured immediately according to actual needs in the Honeycomb kraft paper cushion machine.

Due to its flexible packaging method, it can be used with a variety of methods to effectively protect the goods from damage during transportation.

In addition, packaging tape is not needed when fixing the packaging, because the angled honeycomb structure is easy to lock each other together.

With the development of society and economy, countries all over the world are paying more and more attention to environmental protection.

At present, Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia and other regions and countries have legislated to prohibit the import of foam (EPS) packaging industrial products, or use several times higher environmental protection taxes to restrict and eliminate imported products that use foam as packaging.

The so-called “green trade barriers.”

For example, the packaging of commodities entering the German market needs to apply for the “green dot” mark; the packaging of commodities entering France needs to apply for the “vertical dot” mark.

Therefore, the development of green packaging material and Kraft Paper Honeycomb cushion machine is in line with the world’s consumption trends and is conducive to breaking through international green trade barriers.

At the same time, this Kraft Honeycomb paper cushion machine and the finished kraft honeycomb paper will play a positive role in reducing the damage rate of commodities in circulation, improving the quality of packaging products and the added value of commodities.

Our country has also begun to implement plastic restrictions. Related first-tier cities that have developed well in the past one or two years will gradually start garbage classification.

At the same time, some well-known domestic companies have also issued plastic reduction orders for the express delivery industry. Since more and more attention has been paid, the packaging industry urgently needs a packaging product,packing machine and Honeycomb kraft paper cushion making machine that can be quickly packaged and environmentally friendly, and honeycomb mesh packaging paper has emerged at the historic moment.

The degradable honeycomb paper/honeycomb wrapping paper/honeycomb wrapping paper/honeycomb kraft paper/honeycomb kraft paper produced by our Honeycomb packing paper making machine is produced by using kraft paper as raw materials.

When used, it is stretched to form a kind of cushioning wrapping paper with a honeycomb structure.

The features of biodegradable honeycomb paper/honeycomb wrapping paper/honeycomb wrapping paper/honeycomb kraft paper/honeycomb kraft paper are:

  • Environmentally friendly, degradable and clean packaging
    The honeycomb grid packaging paper packaging system conveys a sustainable development concept and provides a green solution packaging method. It is made of environmentally-friendly and degradable materials. In addition to environmental protection and recyclable characteristics, it provides green packaging solutions for various industries.
  • Improve production efficiency, save time and cost
    If there are many product categories and a more flexible packaging method is required, the Honeycomb kraft packing paper machine can be used quickly and flexibly for product packaging, and can easily handle various high and low peak shipping periods to improve the convenience of packaging.
  • Unique packaging results are presented
    The use of honeycomb grid wrapping paper packaging can demonstrate the value and quality of the packaging, and at the same time bring a special unpacking experience to customers. Let customers truly experience the value of the purchased items and feel highly valued.
  • Good packaging protection
    From the nature of packaging, the main goal is to play a protective role, thereby reducing the damage rate to a minimum. Honeycomb mesh kraft paper and Honeycomb packing paper die cutting machine provides your customers with suitable product packaging and good protection methods.
  • Less storage space and cost-effective packaging
    Before the honeycomb grid wrapping paper is formed by the paper ejector, its appearance is almost the same as that of ordinary cylindrical kraft paper. After the paper ejector or manual stretching, it can extend between 1.4-1.7 times in length. Since the materials are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, they can reduce environmental pollution, reduce costs, and improve benefits.
  • Flexible packaging, no adhesive tape required
    When using honeycomb grid packaging paper, the material can be packaged in any size according to the actual product needs. Because of its flexible packaging method, it can be used with a variety of methods to effectively protect the goods from damage during transportation. In addition, packaging tape is not needed when fixing the packaging, and the 3D honeycomb structure is easily linked to each other.So it’s really good time to invest on our Honeycomb kraft paper machine soonest.