Honeycomb Paper Cutting Machine

Honeycomb Paper Cutting Machine

Honeycomb Paper Cutting Machine

Used as wrapping cushion by E-commerce wrapping on packing fruits, flowers, ceramics, glassware, etc.
Suitable material: Kraft paper, brown paper, 70-100gsm

Model HQ 600-one roll
Max.Cutting width 550mm
Max.Cutting length 999mm
Production capacity 30-60m/min
Power 2.5 kw
Machine Dimension 3200X1200X1200mm
Weight of machine 800 kg

Simple in Design, Productive and Flexible

This machine is one roll feeding Kraft Honeycomb paper cushion cutting machine,finished kraft paper roll is made from our Kraft Honeycomb paper machine and full automatic Honeycomb wrapping paper forming machine.


Honeycomb paper is eco-friendly and cost effective alternative for plastic bubble wrap cushioning.

It is easy to stretch,more soft and flexible,provide cushion protect without surface scratch.

Finished products from this machine can be used to pack fruits,flowers,ceramics,glassware,etc.

Machine features

The present invention relates to the field of packaging technology, specifically an environmentally-friendly buffer packaging paper or honeycomb packaging paper or mesh kraft paper.
Background technique:

  • Many items are relatively fragile, such as glassware, which will shatter with a slight bump; some items will be squeezed together, which will affect their quality, such as fruits, porcelain, plastic products, etc., will be deformed and corrupted during extrusion; especially During the stacking and transportation of these items, the protection of their surfaces is particularly important. Under normal circumstances, foamed plastics are used to isolate items; such as fruit nets, which are especially widely used; the fruit nets currently used on the market are generally PE foam nets, which are a kind of plastic products, and are low-density Polyethylene is a high-foam polyethylene product produced by extrusion as the main raw material. Its independent bubble and fine bubble structure make it have high elasticity, full of toughness but not brittle, soft surface, can effectively prevent damage caused by friction during product packaging, and has excellent shock absorption and resistance performance. Mainly used in the packaging of fruits, vegetables, ceramics, glass craft products, etc. However, this kind of netting is difficult to degrade and will cause greater pollution to the environment.
  • Patent No. CN201120329569.4 It discloses an environmentally friendly mesh packaging paper(made by our own design wrapping Paper Honeycomb machine), which cuts holes in the packaging paper to form a mesh after stretching, thereby achieving the purpose of the invention, but it is due to the perforation. , The net structure formed by the final stretching is only a flat net structure.

Technical realization elements:

  • In order to solve the above problems, the present invention proposes an environmentally friendly cushioning packaging paper or honeycomb packaging paper or mesh kraft paper.

Technical scheme of the present invention:

  • An environmentally friendly cushioning packing paper or honeycomb packing paper or netted kraft paper, the packing paper or packing paper or kraft paper is provided with a number of longitudinal tear lines and/or cut marks in our Honeycomb wrapping paper die cutting machine module, longitudinal tear lines and/or cut marks matrix Distributed, and the two adjacent rows of longitudinal tear lines and/or cuts are misaligned; stretched along the transverse ends of the packaging paper, the longitudinal tear lines and/or cuts are torn apart, and two adjacent tears The packaging paper between the cracks and/or cuts is distorted under stretching to form a corrugated or honeycomb or grid or network structure.
  • When in use, after the packaging paper is stretched horizontally into a corrugated or honeycomb or grid or network structure, the packaging paper or wrapping paper or kraft paper is used to package glassware or fruits, corrugated, honeycomb, or grid , The network structure is uniform in a three-dimensional network. When it is corrugated, the horizontal and horizontal meshes are twisted into fish scales due to the twisting of the packaging paper between two adjacent tear lines or cuts. In this way, due to the network structure, It has excellent elasticity and breathability, and at the same time, has a certain thickness, which can effectively avoid the extrusion between objects; it has excellent shock absorption and resistance performance; its material is paper, which is easy to degrade and will not affect the environment. Causes greater pollution; compared to the company’s previously applied patent CN201120329569.4, an environmentally-friendly mesh packaging paper, its corrugated structure greatly improves the shock absorption and resistance performance.
  • Make further improvements and refinements to the above-mentioned technical solutions. The longitudinal tear lines and/or cut marks in the two adjacent rows are misaligned with 1/2 length of the longitudinal tear lines or cut marks; the mesh opening after opening is designed in this way It is diamond-shaped, more beautiful, and enhances the stretchability of the packaging paper, making its shock absorption and anti-shock performance better.
  • To further improve and refine the above technical solutions, the packaging paper or packaging paper or kraft paper is environmentally friendly kraft paper; it is quickly and completely degraded naturally, and will not pollute the environment.
  • Our company researches and develops design drawings and knife technology machine upgrades and technological innovations, adopts German imported blades to fix to our Honeycomb wrapping paper making machine, and cooperates with mechanized die-cutting technology for processing, which is convenient and fast.
  • The advantages of the present invention are reasonable design, ingenious design, excellent shock absorption and resistance performance; rapid and complete natural degradation, without causing pollution to the environment.