High Speed Paper Sheeter

High Speed Paper Sheeter

High Speed Paper Sheeter


Widely applied to cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper, culture paper, offset paper, glossy photo paper, gold and silver cardboard.

Suitable material:Kraft paper,brown paper

Model HQ-H1400 HQ-H1700
Reference weight of cutting paper 50-500g/m2 50-500g/m2
Max.Diameter of paper 1650mm(65〃)Max 1650mm(65〃)Max
Max.Width of paper 1400mm(55〃)Max 1700mm(67〃)Max
Total power 25KW 28KW
Cutting length 400-1600mm 400-1600mm
Cutting accuracy +/-0.4mm +/-0.4mm
Maximum cutting speed 300cuts/min 300cuts/min
Maximum cutting meter speed 300m/min 300m/min
Atmospheric pressure 0.8MPa 0.8MPa
Power supply AC380V/220Vx50HZ AC380V/220Vx50HZ
Total weight 11000kg 13000kg
Dimensions 12m×3.9m×2.35m 12m×4.2m×2.35m

Simple in Design, Productive and Flexible

Servo precision double helix high speed paper sheeter/paper sheeting machine apply the advanced technology of Germany and Italy,combining with the rich experience and leading manufacturing technology of our senior engineers to build and launch a new generation of sheet cutter equipment.

This high speed paper roll to sheet cutting machine adopts double helix design , the edge of cutting paper is smooth without crude or powder .

With the feature of high cutting precision make sure paper after cutting can be directly used on printing machines,which help to reduces the production cost and improve production efficiency.

It is the most popular and ideal cutting machine in paper making and printing industry at present .