Automatic Paper Handle Making Machine

Automatic Paper Handle Making Machine

Automatic Paper Handle Making Machine


Paper bag,paper handle bag,paper shopping bag,KFC paper bag,take away paper bag

Suitable material:Kraft paper,brown paper

The main technical parameters
Paper Roll Core Diameter 76mm(3″)
Max.Paper Roll Diameter 1000mm
Production Speed 10000pairs/hour
Power Requirements 380V
Total Power 7.8kw
Total Weight Appr.1500kg
Overall Dimension L4000*W1300*H1500mm
(A) Paper Length  120-190mm(Optional)
(B) Paper Rope Handle Spacing 60-95mm(Optional)
(C) Paper Width 30/40mm
(D) Paper Rope Height 100mm
Paper Rope Diameter 3.0-4mm
Glue Type Hot-melt glue

Simple in Design, Productive and Flexible

This twisted paper handle making machine is mainly supporting semi-automatic paper bag machines.

It can quickly produce paper handle with twisted rope,which can be attached onto the paper bag without handles in further production and make it into paper handbags.

So we also called this machine as paper handle loop making machine,paper twisted handle making machine.

This machine include rope rewinding machine,loop pasting machine,twisted rope making machine.

total 3 machine to be a full loop making process.